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COMMUNITY HEALTH GROUP, Chula Vista, CA at 2420 Fenton, Chula Vista, CA

Mar 15, 2024

Type of Project: Second Floor Power Plan Renovations

Category 6 UTP/CMR cabling, Ladder Rack Cable Runway System, J-Hook Cable Support System, Cable Management, Cross-Connect and Work Area Outlets, products were spec’d, designed and installed by Wavenet Certified Premier Installer (WCPI). This project location owned by CHG a non-profit health plan operating in San Diego, County, CA is cover under Wavenet’s 25-Year System Proof of Warranty.


Overall product quantity used in the installations:

·       (900) Category 6 Keystone Jacks

·       (19) Category 6 48-Port Patch Panels

·       Over 120,000 feet of Category 6 UTP/CMR cables

·       And much more with Wavenet’s End-To-End Structured Cabling, Connectivity and Cable Management Solutions

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